Disney Rankings Archive

Ranking the Disney Canon: An Introduction
50: The Black Cauldron
49: Chicken Little
48: Home on the Range
47: Robin Hood
46: The Aristocats
45: The Fox and the Hound
44: Dinosaur
43: Melody Time
42: Meet the Robinsons
41: Oliver and Company
40: Treasure Planet
39: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
38: Pocahontas
37: Make Mine Music
36: Bolt
35: Hercules
34: Brother Bear
33: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
32: The Princess and the Frog
31: Saludos Amigos
30: The Rescuers Down Under
29: The Emperor’s New Groove
28: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
27: The Great Mouse Detective
26: Fun and Fancy Free
25: Lilo and Stitch
24: The Sword in the Stone
23: Mulan
22: The Rescuers
21: Fantasia 2000
20: Tarzan
19: Lady and the Tramp
18: Peter Pan
17: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
16: One Hundred and One Dalmatians
15: Aladdin
14: Tangled
13: The Three Caballeros
12: The Little Mermaid
11: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
10: Cinderella
9: Bambi
8: The Jungle Book
7: Sleeping Beauty
6: Beauty and the Beast
5: Alice in Wonderland
4: The Lion King


19 thoughts on “Disney Rankings Archive

  1. I’ve been reading this for a few months now, and I have to say…bravo. Please finish it (and maybe give your thoughts on Winnie-the-Pooh and Wreck-It Ralph). If anyone out there has been lurking and not making a comment, please do. I’m sure it will help encourage him (or her, I don’t actually know).

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m planning on doing a follow up post after I get to number one where I talk briefly on Winnie the Pooh and Wreck-it Ralph, as well as reflecting on the whole process.

      Apologies for the long time taken to finish. School and life get more in the way than one thinks. When I continue this after the list is over, I plan to not write 3000 word posts.

      And I am a he. For the record.

      • Your list is fascinating to read. Really. I mean it. I’m planning to do it myself someday. I LOVE how you literally explore each and every film: the plot, the characters, soundtrack, tone… Congratulations, man! What do you think about Wreck-It-Ralph? I watched it a month ago and I was blown away. I ranked it as high as 17. spot on my list. And that is high considering it is a new film. I don’t know why no one have noticed it since, but I think we are truly in a second Disney renaissance. Princess and the Frog, Tangled and now this. I hadn’t expected it, actually I thought it would be a bad film, but I was caught by surprise, a pleasant one. And my number one Disney film of all time is Pinocchio, just watched it again, for God knows what time :D. It is a poetry for me, that film is a classic and not any other Disney film can be compared to it, in my opinion. I hope it will be your number one and I hope I’ m not boring. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I’ve been checking up on this blog for quite some time; with no doubt, it’s the most intriguing I’ve ever seen (Coming from a Disney fanatic like myself). We are so close to reaching the #1 film (At least in your opinion) and everyday when I find time I come to this site to see if any new updates were made. Pardon my enthusiasm, I can understand that you must’ve been greatly busy since the last post (School, jobs, family, etc.). But no matter how long it takes, I shall continue to wait patiently until the top three have been placed. Considering that all that’s left is Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Dumbo (Which is ironic that they should be side-by-side in the Top 3), I am quite certain it will be worth the wait.

  3. Dumbo, Fantasia, Pinocchio. I figured these would be the top three. My choice would be Fantasia for number one, but probably because of how it is tied up with some special memories from my childhood. Funny with these wonderful Disney films; it’s hard to separate the objective from the subjective. I am looking forward to your take on these movies. Your passion for them is what makes these reviews so interesting. Keep it up guy!

  4. I don’t know if you or anyone else can read this message, or if any of you are even here. But it’s been over a year now since this blog has been updated, 47 movies down and three still remaining to be placed (At least when it only focuses on the first 50 Disney Animated Feature films). I want to be able to understand the delays that have been done in preventing the completion of this blog, that perhaps it’s an overload of work or studies left unfilled or some personal issues involving family, friends, and what-not. Whatever that reason, I would understand it clearly if some update was made explaining the delays so everyone who visits this forum, not just me, can understand why we still have to wait or at least look forward to something when it’s ready to be posted. I do want you to know this, no matter how long it takes, I’m still going to be one of the few who visits this blog every chance I get because to those who keep the faith all good things come to those willing to wait. If you read this message or if it’s received in some other way, please let me know as soon as possible. I’ll be waiting, as always.

  5. Merry Christmas Disney and Beyond! I know nothing much has been done ever since that previous post explaining the lengthy absence and all. Course since I am also well aware that there is truly only three more films to rank before the road to determine the #1 Disney film (At least in your opinion) comes to an end, I know the wait won’t be too long. I’m certain that you’ve thought long and hard as to which film deserves your highest honor as that film the fans should understand why it’s said to be #1. But regardless of which film that may be whether it’s Fantasia, Pinocchio, or even Dumbo we can all agree that each of these films stands as childhood classics to enjoy over and over again. So with that being said, I am wishing you a Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year, and a note that I shall continue to check up on this site until we finally get to see which film hits #1!

  6. Happy Memorial Day, Disney & Beyond! Long time, no talk! Hope we see this list finally completed sometime this year! Gotta admit, it’s been quite a while.

  7. I know it’s a little ‘early’ to say this, especially when it’s two days away but because I have no idea when’s the next time I might log on I may as well send this shout out.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING DISNEYANDBEYOND!!! I hope you’ve had a really great year!

  8. If I were to take a guess as to which films will be ranked in the top 3, based on what remains, this is what I think:

    #3: Dumbo

    #2: Fantasia

    #1: Pinocchio

    But I could be wrong. Course, we will never know for sure until this ranking is finally finished.

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