Disney and Beyond is Back!

Did you miss me?

I’d like to first apologize for the lack of communication regarding the future of this blog. For those of you who know me personally, you know what kinds of semester of school this was for me. For those of you who don’t know me, this was an extremely busy semester of school, where every waking moment was either about me writing a screenplay or working on making films for classes, and that doesn’t even take into account the papers and presentations I had to create for other classes. Let me tell you, it was much harder than I anticipated being able to keep this blog up and continue with my school work, especially since writing this blog equates to a six page paper every post.

I knew throughout the semester that the unfortunate side effect of this busy but extremely fun semester was the fact that this blog was getting neglected. Trust me guys and gals, I want to finish the rankings as much as you want me to. I’ve had so much joy writing every single post, and I don’t want to quit right before we get to the Top 10! These are the best of the best, people. These are the posts I really want to write!

So yes, this post is basically the announcement that Ranking the Disney Canon will be finishes sooner rather than later (or never)! Work is going down as we speak, and Film #12 is going to be coming up as quickly as possible, and the ball will continue to roll soon after that!

In other Disney and Beyond news, you may have noticed, if you have been looking at previous posts, that all the videos were taken down. Yes, as much as the videos helped to explain my points, I realize now that have 100s of Disney videos on a single channel probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Though I attempted to argue that my videos were up under fair use rights, it quickly became too much when every other video started to go down. So, the Youtube Channel is gone, and I do not have the time and energy nor the resources to repost every single video. So, references to the videos will be edited out of every single one of my posts.

And the final question I’d like to ask myself here is “Where does Disney and Beyond go after he’s Ranked the Canon?” Well, I’d like to continue the reflection and discussion that defines the Ranking the Disney Canon for me. While it may be a while before I go into Ranking the Pixar Canon, or Ranking the Disney Parks Rides (canon?), I’d like to start to tell stories and opinions about my history with Disney, and to start discussion about this passion many of us share.

I’m looking forward to posting again, and I hope you still enjoy the ride? Be sure to follow me at @DisneyandBeyond on Twitter to know exactly when the next post is up!