Ranking the Disney Canon: An Introduction

Through my first year as a film student, I’ve had the opportunity to watch, study, and analyze many films from all eras, genres, and styles. Now, the summer is here. All my papers have been turned in, all my finals finished, and I am back home to for three months of relaxation and fun. And what better way to have fun than to continue analyzing films?

I am going to rank, in my own opinion, the 50 Disney Animated Films in order from 50 to 1, highlighting each film’s strengths, weaknesses, and greatest moments and songs. My goal here is not only to give myself some intellectual fun, but also share and possibly educate both fellow Disney fanatics, and those who may not be as familiar with these wonderful films.

Before the ranking can begin, however, I would like to make a few points, to help set the stage.

First of all, this list was difficult to make. No single film on this list had an obvious place in my eyes. I struggled to come up with the number 1 film and the number 50 film, and every film in between. To be perfectly honest, the preliminary list will most likely change as I go through the process of rewatching every film. Keep this in mind as you read through each post.

Second, just because I rank a film in the bottom 25 doesn’t mean I don’t like the film. To the contrary, actually. In making the list, I discovered that there are actually only 4 Disney films that I strongly dislike, and the rest range from OK to Amazing. As much as I would love to not rank a film at in a 30 or 40 rank, films have to be put into these spots. Hopefully the notation of strengths will show my enjoyment for these films.

Third, I am fairly certain there will be controversy in this list. I’m going to say it right now: There will be some 1940s Package films in the Top 25, which I know some Disney purists may disagree with. To this I say both that this is my opinion, which is still at an intellectual level, and that I encourage you to leave a comment and call me out if you don’t agree. At the same time, I do not encourage insulting commenting and flaming. Keep it clean.

Which leads me to my final point. I am a big fan of discussion and comments. If you have an opinion at all, be it a positive or negative, or a question, feel free to post it on the blog, or email me at DisneyandBeyond@Gmail.com. Who knows? If I get enough emails, maybe I’ll do some sort of mailbag post along the way.

With all that out of the way, the countdown starts tomorrow, with Number 50. I hope that you readers will enjoy following along, and that you will discover something new in this journey.

Have a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!


One thought on “Ranking the Disney Canon: An Introduction

  1. It certainly has been an enjoyable following so far and to think that it’s almost over. Even though it’s taken a great many years to get this far, for one reason or another. Though all the same, reading these detailed descriptions of the films has indeed been quite a learning experience regardless of how agreeable the opinions are or not. Keep up the good work.

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