Welcome to Disney and Beyond!

Hello old and new friends, and welcome to the brand new Disney and Beyond!

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the actual blogosphere (my last post on my old attempt was May 2010), but as I’ve continued to give my opinions on Twitter and made connections with other Disney bloggers, I’ve had this continued yearning to get back into longer form opinions. Finally, I have made the jump back in, with a new website and a fresh start.

This won’t be an insider blog, nor will it just be a straight up news website. My goal with his new site is to spark discussion among its readers. Whether that be through the comments, or if it gets big enough to warrant the beginning of a forum, we’ll see.

Disney and Beyond will put a focus on the present, past and future of Disney films, parks, music, and Beyond. (see what I did there?) There will be rankings, opinions, pictures and more, and I hope you will join me along for the ride. And I hope that this time my updates will be consistent.

I’d also like to announce a brand new email address specifically made for this blog, DisneyandBeyond@gmail.com. If you ever have a Disney related question, be it needing a tip for a day at the park or an opinion on a Disney Film, feel free to email me. And feel free to spread it to anyone you know! I’ll be happy to answer and help!

More posts will be coming soon, and this site is still under construction, but I think this will be an exciting ride. To Disney and Beyond!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Disney and Beyond!

  1. While reading through this blog, I attempted to make contact through that email address you posted on here except it didn’t exactly go through. But anyways, I still find this rather enjoyable.

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